Bora Bora – A Vacation in Paradise

If you don’t believe in Love at First Sight, you should visit the Bora Bora islands!!!! The world’s most beautiful island with dramatic scenery and crystal clear blue lagoon is, in simple words, absolutely breath- taking. With Mt. Otemanu piercing the skies and towering over its blue lagoons, the sight offered by Bora Bora islands is not only magnificent but also unimaginably captivating. With its perfect white sand beaches romancing, not one but dozen shades of blue, crystal clear waters; the island is no wonder an apt sight to celebrate love.


General Information

The Bora Bora lsland in French Polynesia is an ideal way to pamper oneself with luxurious resorts which offer lavishness and incredible scenery. The population of Bora Bora is 8,380 with tourism being the backbone of the economy. The major settlement here is the Vaitape which is on the western side of the main island. You will find abundant coconut trees on the island. The legal drinking age in the island is 18 years.

The climate in Bora Bora and its neighboring islands is Tropical. The island experience wet and dry seasons. The Wet season begins in November and lasts till April. The island experiences heavy rainfall and there is also a predicament of storms during these months. The peak season, also the dry season initiates in May and goes on till Dctober during which the temperatures are lower in the island. This is the high tourist season on the island.


Local People & Language

The local people residing in Bora Bora are cultural and have a firm belief on their traditions and myths which comes from Polynesian Gods. The people are laid back and live by the philosophy “aita pea pea” which translates – not to worry.

The local people are friendly and warm hearted and are forthcoming enough to share their tradition with the visitors. The common language spoken by the inhabitants on the island is Tahitian and French. However, being an international tourist destination, many local people are well versed with English language. The reason local people are well versed with English is because of the fact that tourists visiting the island include majorly Americans, Europeans and Japanese.


Major Attractions

The island is filled with attractions to visit either by deep see diving, boating, skiing or hiking. Mount Otemanu is one such wondrous place to go hiking. It is a volcanic mountain which is almost 2,400 feet about the gorgeous surface of luminous turquoise lagoon. Coral Gardens on the Bora Bora Island is a spectacular place which is engulfed with tropical fishes where you have to go diving and experience the surreal beauty.

Matira Beach is a quaint beach which offers hiking trails along the picturesque scenic beauty. Leopard Rays Trench is at the southern tip of Bora Bora which is a dive site for excellent viewing of the white sandy bottom, giant Manta rays and colorful marine life. White Valley which is at the northern tip of the island is another diving point where you can see sharks, if you are lucky and many adorable turtles and other marvelous marine species.


The island has its assortment of shops and markets for shopping enthusiasts. The most famous commodity on the islands is the Black Pearl. Matira Pearls is a place where you will find loose pearls from which you can design jewelry and they also have their creative pieces of ornaments on sale. Tiare Market is a local supermarket right across Novotel Bora Bora. It has a good stock of all necessities right from toothpaste to sunscreen and fresh bread to wine.

Tamanu Galerie D’art is a specialty shop where you will find tons of Polynesian art, pearls, curios and T-shirts. Galerie Alain et Linda is a gallery with a mix of everything from pottery, books, etching and art. Atelier Despert is a perfect place for art lovers and includes original paintings of the namesake artist. Boutique Gaugin offers a diverse collection of sculptures, crafts and clothes on the island.


Where to have Fun

Bora Bora Island being an international tourist destination imbibes restaurants and bars in abundance. You will find the most exotic and luxury restaurants on the island which offer you an amazing dining extravaganza. Bloody Mary’s Restaurant and Bar is a very popular and lavish dining experience in Bora Bora with its sand floors, coconut stools and thatched roof surrounded by exotic plants and impressive food. Hidden at the back of a small shopping mall, Le St. James is known for its authentic French specialties with reasonable prices.

Villa lvlahana is perfect for a romantic evening with a mysterious twist in cuisine combining Mediterranean and Polynesian. Maikai Bora Bora is a restaurant where you can enjoy French- Polynesian fusion cuisine with an incredible scenic view. Aparima Bar at the St. Regis Bora Bora Resort is an amazing poolside bar where you can rejuvenate with a drink while lounging in the pool. Being a romantic tour destination, the night life in Bora Bora is limited to mostly resort hotels. La Recife Discotheque is the only nightclub on the island and is extreme fun for young crowd visiting Bora Bora.


How to get around the lsland

How to get around in Bora Bora is on the basis of the location of your resort or hotel. Most of the accommodations are not located on the main island but on the motus. Therefore, boat transport is the best way to reach anywhere on the island. The hotels or resorts mostly provide you with the transportation to get to the main island.

Airport pick and drop is generally done by a ferry. The main island includes only one roadway where public transport consist of a single bus which goes halfway around the island and back and runs every hour. The island also has availability of taxis. You will find many rental stores on the island where you can rent a bicycle or buggy if you do not wish to be dependent on the public transport. However, before booking for restaurants or any activities, it is advisable to confirm about transportation to and from your hotel.



Bora Bora lsland offers everything you would dream to have a vacation in paradise. It is a trip worth taking to cherish the beauty of the world’s most stunning island. Take pleasure in the most beautiful lagoons and unraveled surroundings which can be found only in Bora Bora!!!!

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